About Group:

Longjing Lihua International Hotel & Spa is invested by China G Investment Limited (HK). China G Investment Limited (HK), is a subsidiary company of The Chemcentral Group, which takes charge of investing in service industry, like cafe and recreational club in Jilin Province, China. The company has successfully acquired Longjing Lihua International Hotel & Spa in 2010 and has planned to invest totally 250 million RMB for renovation and upgrading. The hotel will plan to cover an area of 25,000 square meters.

Parent-company, The Chemcentral Group, headquartered in Hong Kong SAR, was established in 1983, and sets branch companies or offices in many cities of mainland China, America and Europe. The Group’s services include logistic, warehousing, chemicals for papermaking, industrial minerals, pulp-and paper products, equipment trading, estate industry, ecotourism, recreation, and services industry.