About Hotel:

Longjing Lihua International Hotel & Spa is a 3-stars hotel, which is located the foot of Changbai Mountain. With convenient traffic and complete facilities, it is ideal place for you when traveling, sight-seeing, holding large-scaled conferences or business activities in Yanbian.

Our hotel has various types of deluxe suites and guestrooms, and Korean-styled ondol suites, spa center, coffee shop, tea house and conference room, which is suitable for different budgets and interests of our guests.

Cuisine culture may vary from country to country, region to region. Therefore, it is the best representation of an ethnic group’s life characteristics and qualities generally. Korean cuisine culture enjoys outshining features in comparing with other national’s food cultures in China.

Our hotel features Korean cuisine culture, especially the world-famous soup culture. We have no idea whether other nationalities may have brought the soup culture into full play like Korean people. No matter they are in the countryside or in cities, for celebrations or daily lives, Korean people show a favorable preference over soups and decoctions, and cannot leave them for even a while.

There are various soups: beef soup, pork soup, fish soup, kelp soup, tofu soup, odeng soup, cold noodle soup, miso soup, etc. You can find dozen of different sauces just for miso soup. Except soups, we also provide other Korean dishes that are waiting for your expecting and tasting.

Besides the food culture, the Korean-styled ondol is available in many of our suites, which features naturalness, comfortable, snugness, and cleanness, making your trip warm and rewarding with the style of Korean people in the spacious room when the outside world is cold.

Longjing Lihua International Hotel & Spa, located at Longhe Road, Hexi Avenue, Longjing City, was founded in 1995. It is the leadership in the city with complete facilities and functions.

Hotel covers 7,750 square meters and has main building (4- storey), VIP villa (2- storey), and spa center (1-storey). It includes guest rooms, food and beverage services, business center, gym center, and recreation center. It is complete amenities and all-purpose hotel.

The hotel features elegant and generous layout. Glass chandeliers and marble tiles is the significant feature in our concourse. Our guest rooms have completed facilities; wood furniture; telephone; refrigerator; TV that is able to receive over 40 channels; 24 hours hot water service. We hope you have comfortable, neat and clean environment in our hotel.

We spirit of customer first, sincerely serve for local or oversea customers.