Dining Services:

Restaurants introduction

The environment of our restaurants is graceful, elegant, and tranquil, which is prepared with classical food in Korean flavor, Cantonese flavor, Sichuan flavor and deliciously appetizing hot pot has been launched recently. Restaurants also provide breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner, as it is the best choice for business invitation.

Our main hall of restaurant is capable of holding 120 seats, 11 exquisite VIP rooms with unique style and KTV system which are suitable for business banquet. Our banquet hall can be occupied by over 400 guests whilst more than 220 people can be held by a multi-functional hall. Both halls are integrated professional lights and audio equipments. They are the first choices for you to holding birthday party, wedding feast, celebrations, gatherings, and conference banquet.

Moreover, our conference hall is capable of holding around 50 people; reception room and meeting room is capable of holding 30 people. Rooms are equipped with professional audio device. They are suitable for the convenience of small-sized meeting or training, likes leader’s conference, or company annual meeting.

Our dishes

Our restaurants offer authentic Cantonese, Korean, Sichuan and seasonal favorites in a setting that evokes the grandeur of our Chinese and Korean heritage. The head chef has over 20 years of fine culinary expertise. This wealth of experience has kept diners at our restaurants delighted.

Delectable dishes are freshly prepared for you.