Hotel facilities:

Guest rooms

There are 54 guest rooms in Lihua International Hotel & Spa, includes standard rooms, double rooms, suites with Chinese or Korean styles and luxury sites. TV channels in rooms have various Chinese and Korean programs, recreation channels, movie channels. Free internet and WIFI services are supplied in room for great convenience of business and recreation.

Food and beverage service

Hotel has wedding ceremony halls, banquet hall, cafe, bar lounge, and multi-functional hall. Halls are capable to hold 800 persons to dine together in the same time. Food includes Chinese styles, Korean dishes, and buffet. It is great place for you to celebrate birthday, sixty-year-birthday party, wedding ceremony, classmate gathering, or meetings.

Business center

Our business center caters for all your business related needs, whether is fax sending, document printing, typewriter using, make an oversea phone call, airline reservation enquires, or computers using, broadband/WIFI access, newspapers and magazines access.

Gym center

With state of the art gym equipment, a full range of free weights and rows of cardiovascular machines are located in our gym center. No other hotel gym club in Longjing comes close. So remember to pack your running shoes on your visit here. No excuses!

Bath center

Our bath centre is the largest spa and bath centre in Longjing, which is built with green and nature environment, spacious bath pools and loess spa. The compartments are embedded recreation and entertainment. It is a place to improve your body's optimum health, energy and stamina.

Car parking

The car parking of our hotel is capable of holding coaches of group tours and private cars, which is free of charge for our guests.

Golf club

Our club is the unique indoor golf club in Longjing. The equipment is imported from Canada. There are total 5 practice tracks.